About Vitamin C – The Wonder Vitamin?

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) may additionally possibly be a "surprise diet" in a few human beings’s books. A lot of claims were made for it in the past few years, now not the least of which become Dr. Linus Pauling’s claims for its capacity to prevent and lessen the period and depth of the common bloodless whilst taken in big doses.

Unfortunately, even though nutrition C is anti-viral and does help the immune system, it isn’t always a magic bullet so that it will defeat the commonplace cold or even most cancers! In truth, some latest research seem to be indicating that Dr. Pauling’s claims is probably a touch overstated.

Vitamin C, like maximum different nutrients and mineral supplements ordinarily helps the frame do its process efficiently. Deficiencies of nutrition C CAN predispose the body to sure ills, and right intake both through every day food plan or vitamin supplementation can HELP save you certain conditions and ailments. Vitamins and mineral dietary supplements have to by no means be used as the simplest course to health, however need to be part of a lifestyle that includes normal interest to nutrition, hobby (k, exercising), proper relaxation and sleep, and exciting types of recreation and rest. I personally could throw in yoga and meditation, however the ones are MY enjoyable styles of exercise, rest, and exercising, I guess. You will need to locate what works pleasant for you.


Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrition, and, as such, is not stored within the body. This approach it have to be regularly changed with the aid of food plan and/or supplementation. The maximum normally identified sources of nutrition C are citrus and other end result – oranges, tangerines, limes, guava, lemons, papayas, strawberries, black currants, grapefruit and mangoes – in addition to a wide range of veggies. Some veggies which include Vitamin C encompass collard veggies, candy and warm peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cabbage, potatoes, kale, spinach, and watercress.


Vitamin C is a nutrient precious for tissue growth, safety of mobile membranes from toxic wastes, wound healing, and, as stated, help of the immune system. It helps the boom of collagen and cartilage, protective in this manner in opposition to a number of the outcomes of ageing.

As an antioxidant, nutrition C helps combat loose radicals, and it can help with cancer, high ldl cholesterol, cataracts, diabetes, hypersensitive reactions, allergies, and periodontal ailment.

The effectiveness of diet C is thought to be extended when fascinated by nutrition E.


The recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is 60 mg in keeping with day for adults, despite the fact that many people, following Dr. Pauling’s lead, take a great deal better doses in hopes of stopping colds and averting the outcomes of getting older. However, in better doses there may be some toxicity with one of the facet consequences being diarrhea. In a few cases, better doses of vitamin C may additionally purpose kidney stones or anemia, because of an interference with the absorption of vitamin B12.

A reminder: diet C is water soluble, and unused portions may be flushed from the body, so each day intake of ingredients wealthy in diet C or supplementation with a multivitamin may be of value.

While there do not seem to be main issues associated with an high doses of Vitamin C, it’d an amazing concept to stick within recommended day by day allowances because the jury is still out on side consequences.


The maximum famous end result of a diet C deficiency is scurvy, a condition characterised by way of weak spot, anemia, gum ailment, and skin lesions. Fortunately, scurvy may be very rare in our cutting-edge society although nevertheless observed to a greater degree in areas of bad nutrients.

Frequent infections, extreme colds, nostril bleeds, tiredness, and painful joints can also imply a deficiency.

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